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Welcome to AAEO Official Website

The Afghanistan Association of Electoral Officials is a non-profit civil society organization, which was founded in April 2008 with the overall goal to provide a politically impartial forum which shall serve as a means of exchange of information, experiences and views in order to debate and work for the promotion of democratic, open and transparent elections.
AAEO has since made some rapid progress in developing its internal capacity and making itself out as a professional body.
The Association has now over 12000 members across the country.
Most of these members are those who work in electoral administrations but membership will also be extended to academics, journalists and those who have interests in electoral and civic matters.
AAEO is working to develop a database of qualifying individuals and groups as an activity line for membership promotion.
The Association provides the opportunity for both permanent and temporary electoral officials to improve their capacities and capabilities.
The Association is now recognized as a key institution in the electoral field and its executive members and officers are involved in designing and implementing different projects.
These projects will definitely enable the members to become experts in the field of elections.
The aim of these activities is to work for the advancement of the electoral system, monitoring and supervision of comparative electoral systems in democratic countries and the submission of initiatives to the legislative authorities.
AAEO is internationally recognized; furthermore, we gained membership of The Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) in September of 2010.
AAEO insists on getting the media involved both as members and as a group that could be trained by the Association in order to have better transparent and neutral media coverage of the electoral process.
The media could also be very useful as a voter education tool.
Another target group will be the security forces responsible for protection of registration and polling sites.
The Association training to security personnel will concentrate on what they should and should not do regarding the electoral process.